Make and Create

Borrowed with thanks to Tracy Zalud.

Game Design


Gamestar Mechanic

Hopscotch lets you create and publish games. It uses an easy coding system. There are a lot of of tutorials and challenges. This is a great resource for beginning coders.

Hero Labs lets you create characters for your favorite games. It helps with all character creation steps. You can also use it during a game to quickly create opponents and non player characters.


Code Monster Starting with simple boxes and colors and rapidly progressing into exciting experiments, it teaches important programming concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, expressions, and functions.

Glitch Create personal or collaborative projects– everything from storytelling apps to zines– using dev tools on the Glitch platform (formerly Mozilla Thimble). Free but need to sign up for account

Codecademy For both introductory and higher skill levels, Codecademy teaches the breadth and depth of skills for the modern computer field workplace. Free to try, then paid

Microsoft Make Code A free, open source platform that supports a progression path into real-world programming. Hardware purchase often required. Code Studio lets you write basic computer codes. It provides a lot of tutorials, so you’ll learn as you go along.

App Inventor App Inventor lets students create Android apps by moving objects around the screen, similar to block-based programming.
MIT hosts App Inventor online for free. Teacher tutorials included.


Calculation Nation

CSI Web Adventures

Rubiks Cube

Kids Ahead

Science Bob


Read and Write

Magnetic Poetry


Web Warrior

Book Creator



Digital Art Tools

Gravit Designer
Pixologic: Sculptris
Wings 3D

View thousands of pictures and click on any drawing in the recent drawing page to interact with the artist. Vote for your favorite art piece or link messages to any drawing.

Digital Recording and Creating Tools

iMotion lets you make time-lapse or stop -motion movies. It has many features and tools to make it appear professionally done and to allow for maximum creativity.


Animoto lets you create videos. Use your own photos and music or borrow some online. Then, share your creations with friends.

Flip- a- Clip This app teaches the basics of “flip” animation.

Snapseed Allows students to create, edit, and share photos including RAW format imaged. App on Android, iPad, iPhone. Free.


Photo editor